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Electric Utility Infrastructure Requirements for the United States: Challenges Ahead 

7/17/10 (1.4 MB Powerpoint)

Challenges in Financing for Electric Utilities
6/15/09 - (1.7MB Powerpoint)

Challenges in Energy Financing (or "Profiles In Courage for Utility Regulators")
4/15/09 - (1.6MB Powerpoint)

Realizing the "Smart Grid": What It Will Take
9/15/08 - (2.7MB Powerpoint)

China's Power Sector
5/08 - (1.6MB Powerpoint)

Power Prices and Resource Choices in a Carbon-Regulated Environment
4/25/08 - (1.6MB Powerpoint)

Managing Regulatory Risk in a Post-PUHCA World
2/13/07 - (1.5MB Powerpoint)

The Regulation and Restructuring of the US Power Sector
11/3/06 - (2.2MB Powerpoint)

Electric Utility Industry - After PUHCA Repeal
4/24/06 - (1.56MB Powerpoint)

The Energy Policy Act of 2005: Redefining the Federal-State Relationship
2/23/06 - (1.54MB Powerpoint)

China's Energy Policies: Consequences for U. S. Consumers & Regulators
11/13/05 - (2.1MB Powerpoint)

U. S. Energy Policy, Shanghai, P.R.C
10/22/04 - (1008K Powerpoint)

Distributed Energy: What Lies Ahead?
6/12/04 - (1.3MB Powerpoint)

New Market Structures: The Texas Alternative
3/8/02 - (745K Powerpoint)

The Role of Utility Fuel Diversity in Maintaining U.S. Energy Security
12/13/01 - (650K Powerpoint)

Hard Lessons Learned in Other States and What the Feds May Do
11/6/01 - (679K Powerpoint)

Electric Transmission Siting: Assessing the State vs. Federal Role
8/13/01 - (360K Powerpoint)

Another "Survivor" Game: The PUC's Role in a Utility Bankruptcy
7/17/01 - (360K Powerpoint)

Electric Generation at a Crossroads: The Fuels Dilemma
5/21/01 - (3MBK Powerpoint)

  LA Times Commentary - Ratepayers Forgotten in Case of Bankruptcy
1/17/01 - (30K Word Document)